PA Food Silver Roll Pandan Mantou 400g

Perfect for snacks, buffets, starters and light lunch.

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PA Food
400 g


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Wheat Flour 55.35%
Water 26.6%
Palm Oil

Allergy Advice:
For allergens, see ingredients in red bold


Serving Size : 400 g

Average Nutritional Value Per 100 g 400 g



1213.4 kJ

290 kcal

4853.6 kJ

1160 kcal

Protein 8 g 32 g
Carbohydrate 60 g 240 g
of which sugars 14 g 56 g
Fat 1.1 g 4.4 g
of which saturates 1 g 4 g
Fibre 0.3 g 1.2 g
Sodium/Salt 22 mg 88 mg


Cooking and Serving Instruction(Do not defrost)Steaming (Best Result)a) Remove the wrapper and arrange each frozen silver roll on a plate.b) Steam for approximately 10 minutes over boiling water and serve (beware of the hot steam).Microwavea) Remove product from freezer compartment. Do not defrost. Remove the wrapper.b) Put in the microwave oven (900 W) and heat at high power for 2 minutes. Put aside for 2-3 more minutes (to allow the moisture to reabsorb back into the bun) then serve. (Due to differences in microwave ovens, heating times may vary)Deep FryHeat vegetable oil to 170-180 °C. Introduce Silver Roll into hot oil, one at the time, without defrosting. Deep fry it for 3-5 minutes until golden brown. Turn frequently to achieve even color throughout. Drain oil and serve with your favorite dishes.


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